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Shaka Connections Etiquette

We are delighted that you've been enjoying your Shaka Connections! To help keep meetings running smoothly, here are a couple of housekeeping highlights to reference.

1. Lookout for the Meeting Request, and Accept it

Your meeting invites will typically be sent on Monday with an appointment for the following week. Please look out for it and be sure to accept the meeting. 1 person in your group will be the "meeting host", but this is just a technicality.

2. Keep your Google or Outlook Calendar Up-to-Date

This is super important. Shaka Connections cannot see meetings that are marked as tentative or that you have not accepted. All meetings must be up to date for us to seamlessly find a time that works for everyone in your group. Shaka will send out invites on Mondays, so please take the time WEEKLY to verify your schedule is accurate.

3. Adjust Active Status When Necessary

If your quarter gets to be too busy or your schedule is too hectic to spend 20 minutes a month meeting with your pod, please be sure to set yourself to “Inactive” in Shaka's system. Simply head to and toggle your status to Inactive. You will not receive any more invites and it helps others to be matched with employees that would like to connect with someone.

4. Use the Conversation Prompts included in your Calendar invite, or Not…

Shaka will provide several suggested prompts to get the conversation started. But they are merely suggestions. You don't have to use all of them or ANY of them! But we encourage you to refer to them to get the ball rolling.

5. Be Mindful of the Time

It is totally ok if your meeting runs a little past 20 minutes. But please respect each other's time. If you don't have time to finish it up during your first chat, you will have another opportunity next time!

6. FYI: Groups Change Every Time

You will receive a randomized Shaka Pod at your preferred cadence (once per month or quarter) through the end of the quarter, giving you multiple opportunities to get to know many other employees. Groups will change out every time so you can meet even more colleagues!

7. Turn your Camera ON!

We'd see your smiling face if you were standing at an ACTUAL water cooler. Keeping your camera on helps us to get to know you better. Do you HAVE to put your camera on? Of course not! It is merely a suggestion.

8. Less Shop Talk, More Fun Talk

Use this time to get to know the whole human, not just the work-version. There are PLENTY of other meetings where you can discuss work. Also, distracted Shaka-users aren't the best conversationalists…definitely set the multitasking aside and give this 20 minutes your full attention.

9. Need Help Getting the Convo flowing? Use the Prompts Embedded in your Calendar Invite

It is FAR more fun to talk about your favorite sport than your favorite excel function or photo editing tool. You'll be amazed at how easily the convo flows when you use the conversation prompts.

10. Have Fun!!!

Most importantly, have fun! The goal is simply to get to know each other on a more personal level. There's no right or wrong way to make a new friend!