Recognize Your Peers

Shaka Shoutouts

Not only can employee recognition reduce turnover by nearly 30%, 8 out of 10 employees say they would work harder if they felt that their work was appreciated.

Give a Shoutout
Easily give a coworker a Shoutout using the Shaka commands for Slack and Teams. Select a Shoutout Theme and leave a note.
Publicly Recognize Peers
Shaka highlights Shoutouts across your organization via Slack or Teams so that employees feel appreciated and coworkers can join in the applause.
Redeem for Rewards
Administrators have the option to establish a weekly Shoutout points budget. These points can be given inside of Shoutouts and redeemed for rewards from the Shaka rewards menu. Shaka manages all the (Only offered in the United States)

Try Shaka for Free!

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Shoutout Themes

Select a theme to inspire a Shoutout

Here are some of the fun Shoutout themes within Shaka that users can choose from. Peresonalized notes are added to every Shaka Shoutout from one employee to another!

Culture Curator
Recognizing individuals who embody and champion the company culture and values.
Teamwork Titan
Celebrating employees who excel at teamwork and support for their colleagues.
All-Star Team
Acknowledging those who consistently go above and beyond with hard work and dedication.
Lifelong Learner
Honoring continuous learners who are committed to professional development.
Smile Sparker
Recognizing employees who bring a positive attitude to the workplace.
Problem-Solving Prodigy
Acknowledging exceptional problem solvers who find innovative solutions.
Trailblazing Thinker
Celebrating innovators who inspire with groundbreaking ideas and thinking.
Leader of the Pack
Honoring outstanding leaders and managers who empower their teams to succeed.
Gettin` Gritty With It
Recognizing employees who display unwavering dedication and perseverance.