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for Culture-Driven Growth

Picture a workplace where engagement effortlessly thrives! With Shaka, your team can automate company-wide coffee chats, deliver bite-sized wellness content, enable peer recognition, and spark lively conversations, all while eliminating the need for employees to log into a new system.

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Meeting your employees in the systems they already use

Shaka's integrations empower us to deploy automated culture programs that reach your employees in their favorite communication platforms, Slack and Teams! We also connect with Google and Microsoft Calendars to schedule employee connection calls.

Users can join without ever logging in

By leveraging Shaka’s Apps within Teams, Slack, Outlook, and Google Calendar, Employees can register and participate in Shaka programs without ever logging into our web application.

Drive engagement through Slack and Teams

Get a push notification when something new is happening with Shaka that your employees won’t want to miss out on. Install Shaka into multiple channels so employees can join what they are most interested in.

Unique and fresh experiences

Shaka is different, we are quirky, fun, human-first technology. From employee music playlists to at home 5-minute stretches, something fresh is always around the corner which is exactly why employees never get burnt out!

Shaka Overview

We know your time is valuable, so take a short sneak peek into what Shaka can do to explore if it might be a fit for your company.

Everything you need to facilitate engagement programs.

One software with 4 different employee connection tools, there is something to help engage every employee within Shaka. Maximize your culture budget today!

Matches groups of employees for a monthly coffee to help build friendships at work. Shaka provides conversation starters and games.

Everyone is changing their culture with Shaka

Employees feel connected, fulfilled, valued and happy!

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Why wait to jump in? Shaka takes less than 15 minutes to set up for your entire workspace. Get Rocking and Shaka-ing with our 30-day free trial!

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