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Shaka Challenges

87% of individuals ages 18-24 responded that working for a company who values their physical health is important to them. Engaging employees through wellness challenges is a great way to attract and retain young talent!

Select a Challenge
Your Shaka Culture Coach will give you options for challenges to run throughout the year. All you need to do is select which one you like the most and pick a date!
Launch Challenge
Employees are invited to join the challenge and can track their submissions directly within Teams or Slack. Shaka reminds employees to make submissions throughout the challenge.
Announce Winners
Hooray! Celebrate the winners of the challenge and Shaka will deliver the prizes to the users with the most activities completed.

How Shaka Challenges Work

Looking for the shortest explanation of how Shaka Challenges work? Watch this short explainer video and then sign up for a demo to learn more!

What type of Challenges?

Challenge Examples

We encourage clients to run 1 challenge per quarter for their organization. The best part is, your culture coach will facilitate the entire thing and part of your Shaka subscription includes a budget for prizes to encourage participation. Here are a few ideas of challenges hosted by Shaka.

Hello Hydration Challenge
Participants compete to drink the most oz. of water. The goal is to create better habits around drinking H2O and draw awareness around what employees may be drinking too much of (caffeine, sugar, alcohols, etc).
Daily Gratitude Challenge
Participants take time from their day to write out something that they are grateful for over the duration of the challenge. The goal is to draw attention to the positive aspects of daily life.
Connect with Nature Challenge
Participants compete for the most amount of days they spend outdoors (hiking, biking, walking, camping, bird watching, roller skating etc) over 1 month. The goal is to take a break from being inside all day and enjoy some fresh air!
Shop Small Business Challenge
For 1 month, participants will compete to see how many different small, local businesses they can shop and support. The goal is to get out and support locally owned shops and restaurants in our respective communities.
Random Acts Challenge
Participants will be challenged to perform random acts of kindness for their family, neighbors, friends, or co-workers during this challenge with the goal to promote community and spontaneous acts of kindness.
Healthy Breakfast Challenge
Participants are challenged to remember the most important meal of the day, breakfast! The goal of this challenge is to increase employee energy and attention in the mornings by encouraging them to get a healthy breakfast before work!

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