Shaka Communities

Having workplace communities helps employees feel like they belong. High belonging scores result in a 56% increase in job performance and a 75% reduction in sick days.

How it Works
Shaka Communities allows employees to organize resource groups or interest groups. Members can post events, create discussion boards and make announcements.
Employee Led
Shaka Communities have the most success when they are grassroots efforts. Communities allow employees to step into leadership roles and demonstrate their dedication to the company culture all while investing in something they care about!
Less Notifications
Shaka does not integrate with your employee messenger app. This is because we have recieved the feedback that ERGs operating out of Slack and Teams ADD stress to the employees workday. Shaka summarizes Community activity into 1 weekly email that is sent out to members.
Some examples of Communities you can launch at your organization include working parents group, book club, inclusivity committee, company yogies, sports fanatics, women in the workplace. The opportunities are endless but your communities should reflect the culture at your company!

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